Rebuilding Hope for a Hero in Gaza

Meet Mo’men, a 32-year-old courageous man from the Gaza Strip who has dedicated his life to serving humanity. For over 10 years, he selflessly volunteered with both the Red Crescent and our YouFirstGaza team, risking his life countless times to aid those in need.

In 2018, Mo’men bravely faced bullets during the Great Return March and worked tirelessly to evacuate the injured on the eastern border of the besieged Gaza Strip as well as playing a vital role in aiding and helping people during the five devastating wars that have shaken Gaza.

Mo’men emerged as a true hero during the five wars that ravaged the Gaza Strip, displaying incredible bravery and selflessness. Without concern for his own safety amidst the chaos of bombings, death, and destruction, he fearlessly risked his life to save and evacuate the injured and deceased. Mo’men’s unwavering dedication and remarkable acts of heroism embody the spirit of resilience and compassion that defines the people of Gaza. His unwavering commitment to helping others, even in the face of immense danger, sets an inspiring example for all.

Today, we turn to you, our compassionate community, to help Mo’men rebuild his small house and create a secure home for his family. Despite his immense contributions, Mo’men’s financial means are extremely limited, as his volunteer work provided only minimal financial rewards. It’s time for us to rally together and extend our support to this remarkable individual who has selflessly served humanity.

Mo’men’s dreams of pursuing a collegiate education were hindered by the challenging economic circumstances that his family faced. Despite his aspirations and eagerness to further his studies, the financial strain on his family made it impossible for him to continue his education. Mo’men’s determination and resilience shine through, as he devoted his time and energy to helping others through his volunteer work instead. The difficult economic conditions may have momentarily halted his educational pursuits, but they have not dampened his spirit or commitment to serving humanity.

Completing Mo’men’s house construction requirements

Here is a list of the requirements and costs for completing Mo’men’s house construction:

  1. Pouring the kitchen ceiling with concrete: $280
  2. Plastering the walls in the house: $400
  3. Floor tiles and kitchen and bathroom walls: $1,500
  4. Plumbing and water supply at home: $300
  5. Electricity supply at home: $400
  6. Windows and doors for the house: $600
  7. Kitchen and sink ceramics: $600
  8. Work, transportation, and documentation: $920

Total cost: $5000

Please note that the project implementation period is estimated to be around two months.

By donating to our fundraising campaign, you can make a profound difference in Mo’men’s life. Your contribution will help rebuild his small house, enabling him to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for his family.

Additionally, it will help fulfill his dream of getting married, bringing joy and stability to his life after years of dedicated service to others.

Let us come together to honor Mo’men’s selflessness and bravery by showing him that his sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Your support will empower Mo’men to rebuild, start a new chapter in his life, and continue his mission of serving humanity with renewed hope and strength.

Donate today and be a part of rebuilding hope for Mo’men in Gaza. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure that his tireless dedication to helping others is rewarded. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.

Note: All funds raised will go directly towards rebuilding Mo’men’s house and our team’s work expenses. We will provide regular updates to our donors, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

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