Providing Clean Water to a Desperate Family in Gaza

Join us in making a significant difference in the lives of a poverty-stricken family in the Gaza Strip. We are running a fundraising campaign to support Mohamad, a hardworking 28-year-old man, and his family by providing them with access to clean water and helping them maintain their roof. With your generous contribution, we can transform their lives and bring them the basic necessities they desperately need.


Mohamad is a dedicated guard struggling to support his family on a meager salary of $200 USD per month. In the besieged Gaza Strip, poverty is widespread, and many families, like Mohamad’s, endure extreme hardship. Their living conditions are worsened by the lack of access to clean water, an essential resource for health and well-being. Moreover, their deteriorating roof poses a threat to their safety and security.

The Need

Our campaign aims to raise $600 USD to provide Mohamad and his family with clean water and repair their roof. This will significantly improve their living conditions, ensuring they have access to a basic human right while safeguarding their home against further damage.

Clean Water Solution

By installing water barrels in Mohamad’s home, we can ensure his family has access to clean, safe drinking water. These barrels will be properly maintained, allowing them to meet their daily needs and prevent potential health risks associated with contaminated water sources. Your support will go directly toward the purchase, installation, and maintenance of these barrels.

Roof Repair

The funds raised will also contribute to repairing and maintaining the family’s roof, preventing leaks and further deterioration. By addressing this urgent issue, we can provide a secure and comfortable living environment for Mohamad’s family, protecting them from the harsh weather conditions that often prevail in the Gaza Strip.

How You Can Help

Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on Mohamad’s family. Here are a few ways you can support this campaign:

  1. Donate: Your generous donation will go directly towards the purchase of water barrels and the repair of the family’s roof. Even a small amount can make a difference in their lives.
  2. Spread the Word: Share our campaign on social media platforms, with friends, family, and colleagues. By increasing awareness, we can reach a broader audience and garner more support.
  3. Volunteer: If you have relevant skills or resources, consider volunteering your time or expertise to help with the installation of water barrels or roof repairs. Your hands-on involvement will be invaluable.
  4. Fundraising Events: Organize a fundraising event in your community, workplace, or school to raise funds for this cause. Every effort counts, and collective action can have a profound impact.

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Together, let’s uplift Mohamad’s family from the depths of poverty and provide them with clean water and a safe roof over their heads. By contributing to this campaign, you are not only giving them the means to survive but also restoring hope for a better future. Join us in this noble endeavor and make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

Donate today and be a part of transforming lives!

Note: All funds raised will be directed toward You First Gaza’s initiatives to help Mohamad and his family. Updates and progress reports will be shared with our generous donors to ensure transparency and accountability.

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